Thursday, January 31, 2013

Rainned Out

Alpine skiing is cancelled today (technically tomorrow) due to rain.  Ill let you know when they reschedule.

Prelim Reslults

From what I can tell from the Super Giant Slalom divisioning and preliminary runs Larry has been placed in Intermediate M11 with 7 other athletes   The difference between the fastest and slowest times is about 4 seconds.  Larry is about 5th with only 3 seconds separating him from the leader.  So at this point it is anyone's game.  Then we move on to the Super Slalom and Slalom events!!  Three chances to medal or just burn down the hill!!

His final runs are tonight from 6-9pm or so.  He will do two runs and results will be around 9:30pm (1:30pm tomorrow in Korea).  Keep posted here for results or just listen for the deafening screaming coming from Beaumont .. that's me ... all excited, win or not!!

Larry's Event Schedule
Remember 10:00am in Korea = 6pm the day before here
and 13:00m in Korea = 9pm the day before here
Prelim round for practice and to place them into divisions.
Final rounds are for medals!!
               Super Slalom - Intermediate Athlete evaluation
Super Giant Slalom - Intermediate 1st preliminary round
Super Giant Slalom - Intermediate 2nd preliminary round
           Super Giant Slalom - Intermediate 1st final
            Super Giant Slalom - Intermediate 2nd final
Super Slalom - Intermediate 1st preliminary round
Super Slalom - Intermediate 2nd preliminary round
                Super Slalom - Intermediate 1st final
           Super Slalom - Intermediate 2nd fina
Slalom - Intermediate 1st preliminary round
Slalom - Intermediate 2nd preliminary round
                    Slalom - Intermediate 1st final
                   Slalom - Intermediate 2nd final


Team Canada Alipne Ski Team - Merci Gabbrille pour la belle photo!

Korea Day 4

A few pictures from the divisional trials in Korea.   Races beging today!!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

From Korea Part 3

Dear family,
I spent the day working out how to and not to get photos home to share with you.  Finally worked out,  photos from my tablet can be emailed, Tia Carmen's camera photos have to be posted on facebook.  
We took a bus to were they will have the Alpine skiing.  We found the family tent, and talk about spoiling us!  Hot coffee  tea, and of course Coke (big sponsor , cookies, crackers  candy, chairs, plug ins to recharge batteries.  All for free!  Cold drinks and warm hearts!
Had Korean BBQ, see photo, you cook your meat, then wrap it in lettuce with sauce and condiments.  Very good and we enjoy the new experience for real Korean food.
We went to see a ballet performance,  very beautiful.  They did traditional, modern and ultra modern dance.  I was impressed.  I could hear Don whisper in my ear, "Tights!  He is wearing tights and that junk has to be padded!".
Then there was a famous magician who entertained us.  He was amazing  said he practiced hand dexterity for 16 years and could do unreal hand tricks.  He did animal shapes (shadows with a light) that were mind boggling/  At the end he showed 2 monkeys eating, finding each other, falling in love and then kissing.  
Tomorrow is qualifying runs for Super G , I will send many photos home to all who love us.
Terry Green & Carmen Sieben
Go Team Canada Go!

SO WWG Photos

Special Olympics World Winter Games - Photos from Flickr.

Larry is blurry in the background of only one of the pictures posted here so far but they are all still fun to see!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Alpine Skiing Details

See the exact details of Larry's event, the hill, and the schedule here.  Send all your strength, speed, focus, prayers, karma, and love to that mountain!!

Larry skis from 6pm-9:30pm daily until the 5th and results are between  9:30pm-1:00am (local Edmonton time).  Thursday, Saturday, and Monday are the divisioning trials (breaking them up into groups) and then Friday, Sunday and Tuesday are the medal runs for the three events.  So that is when he needs to you reach out your heart and send him your love from Canada across the world!!

(okay, crying ... and delirious from all this online updating and excitement ... time for bed!)

Korean Kachman's

Dear family,

We saw Larry leaving for opening ceremonies with his ski team and got giant Larry hugs from him.  It is very organized here with plenty of buses and little wait time, they are moving lots of people.

We got floor level, side view seats.  Everyone received a red, green or blue scarf, a program and a yellow fleece blanket.

Canada sent 142 athlete and coaches, many parents and friends also.  The bleachers were awesome, filled with team Canada members.  We had a Korean po dance star perform, then he sang and danced with a traditional classical singer (female).  Great mixture of old and new.  The modern singer/dancers brought out some S.O. people and danced the famous Korean Gangnam Style dance.  

The procession of countries, alphabetically,  Canada was splendid in red and black, all athletes waving and cheering like crazy.  Larry looked so proud to be there.  Tia was almost in tear, like me.  We rang or bells, and I tooted my horn and waved until our hands fell off for each and every country. Because that is what Specail Olympic is about.  Together We Can!

Then speeches, they were ok, the prisedent of Korea welcomed us. 

They intertainment was symbolic of, if we didn't embrace our Specail O people our world wouldn't be a place worth living in.  This was done with dancers, skaters, butterflies flying and death of the world and its rebirth in acceptance and love for ALL people in our world!

TerryGreen Kachman and Carmen Siben Kachman
From Korea 2013

Click HERE to see more of mom's pictures fro the Opening Ceremonies

Click here to see the opening ceremonies on UStream

OMG!!  I love this SOOO much for SOOO many reasons!!  SWEET!

Larry, mom and a bunch of Team Canada.  AWESOME!!
Some love for Tia Carmen too!

Korean Kachman's II

More pictures from mom's latest email you can read here:

Larry's Story on SO

Larry's story is posted on the Special Olympic website!!

Scroll to the third page!!

Photos from the Opening Ceremony and Rally

Here are some pictures from the 

Canadian Olympic Hero Catriona Le May Doan Named Honourary Coach of Special Olympics Team Canada


Larry on a mission to get to the Opening Ceremonies

Larry giving some Team Canada fans a high HIGH five!
Team Canada off to the Opening ceremonies
I think this is Gabrielle, an alpine skier from Quebec who stole all of our hearts in Jasper 2012
Opening Ceremony

Raising of the SO flag

Lighting of the Olympic Flame

Opening Ceremonies

Click here to watch the opening ceremonies
Larry is at about 17 minutes in!!
You may have to make a ustream account, which is easy, to be able to access the video feed.
  • Click on this weblink
  • Click on login/signup at top and create an account
  • Return to the above weblink if you are not already on it.
  • Click the yellow FOLLOW button
  • You should be able to watch it, if not just refresh by clicking on the weblink above again.

Liberal Statement for Team Canada

Liberal Statement on the 2013 Special Olympics World Winter Games

SASKATOON AND OTTAWA– Liberal Amateur Sport critic Justin Trudeau made the following statement today on the 2013 Special Olympics World Winter Games, which will take place in Pyeongchang, South Korea, January 29 to February 5:
“It is with great pride that Canada sends a delegation of 102 athletes to the 2013 Special Olympics World Winter Games. The achievement of these competitors is a testament to their determination, talent and perseverance, and should serve as an example to us all.
Canadians from across the country will be thinking of our Special Olympics team this week and following their performances with keen interest.
On behalf of the Liberal Party of Canada and our Parliamentary Caucus, I wish all our Canadian competitors the best of luck. Go, Canada, Go!”
Liberal Senator Jim Munson continued:
“As an advocate for Special Olympics Canada, I am thrilled that our athletes will be bringing their best to these winter games in South Korea, and I am confident that they will excel and make us all very proud.”

Monday, January 28, 2013

Mom Green and Auntie Carmen in Korea

Dear family, 

We have had some adventures.  Auntie Carmen said the sleeping pill wouldn't start working for a long time.  Well,WRONG,  imagine what everyone thought as I stumbled out of the van.  The driver saw a sober woman in and a "drunk" on out of his van.  Great night sleep,got up and started our tour.  We saw a Buddhist temple, can't transfer photos from camera to tablet yet, colours were bright blue green red and yellow.  Green is a common colour.  Three Buddha statues, food offerings and lots of people praying, tour guide, Jason, is christian, so not much info about Buddhism   

Next to the palace, Japan occupied Korea for many years and removed many national treasures and did allot of burning with the looting.  90% of the palace was gone.  They have rebuilt some parts,but no furniture or personal item in buildings.  The walk has 3 section on side slave and common folk, other side is for high born and politicians and the center only for the king and main queen.  Lots of animal statues for protection from ghost.  They were very scared of ghost.  

Next to the folk museum where we started at the wrong exhibit, then got lost and Jason had to reprimand my evil Sister Carmen.  We had to run to the Presidential palace, but I heard the prisoners place and was wondering why all the guards were outside, not in.    Okay you can laugh now, I sure did!  

We went to the Korean Folk Village.  The war in the 50's destroyed most of the country side, leaving nothing to show how people of the past lived, so the government built the folk village, like Ukrainian Village, inviting people to open traditional shops.  There was an old blacksmith and his wife making and selling tools, knives, anything metal.  Really cool.  A wood carver  Don would have went nuts beautiful stuff.  The tea shop with healing teas and herbs, mostly to stop the aging process, didn't work on me, but Tia Carmen look 10 younger!  We saw a horse show with men jumping on and off running horses and shooting arrows from moving horses, Ailee and Aidan would have loved it . A man in traditional dress doing Gangnam style dance to the delight of all the children.  This was on Sunday and we were mostly outside, 15 below with wind, but plenty of people outside, touring the same places we were.  Some people live full time in the traditional style in the village.  Floors are higher with a stone fire pit under them for in floor heating, rooms 4 by 6 feet, not connecting like ours.

Monday in the van and off to PyeongChang,  very different landscape like small peaked mountains, small valleys,  mega apartment complexes with 15 to 20 buildings all the same facing the same way.  New construction with 4 to 9 tower cranes.  Country homes very small with many greenhouses but no farm trucks we only saw one personnel truck, the rest were big working trucks.

We arrived too early to get into our room until 3 pm.  We did our 10 day schedule, walked to conference center, Auntie Carmen danced with a bear, but the bear got fresh, well that's what she says!  We are in a suite where you have to pay for bath towels, clean it ourselves, without tea-towel sort and take out the garbage   and pay dearly for the pleasure of it.  We are finding spots of free wi-fi,as it cost plenty, to buy it.  Where we ate 500ml of whiskey $120, orange juice 4 bucks, but water is free, Tia C just shook her head as I drank it.

We haven't seen Larry yet, but hope to see him at reception,  competition isn't till Jan 31st.  will send photos of opening ceremonies tomorrow.  I am tired of writing now so hold out your arms wrap them around and hug, say mom, Auntie, Terry loves me and misses me.

Love Mom/Terry

Hi Darrell and Jen.  I haven't read what Terry wrote because our battery is dying, but she lies! We are going to try to change our trip and go back to Seoul early to see dmz to north Korea  We are great and I wish you were here Darrell but you would be so miserable in this freezing weather. love to you both

Love carmen xo

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Team Canada Photos

Check out Team Canada's Flickr photo album for daily photo updates from Korea

Larry and Ambyr at a welcome event n Korea.  Notice Larry's MP3 player close by.  Loves it!!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Larry and Nino at CTV

Larry Green, Team Canada Alpine Skier for the Special Olympic Winter Games in Korea and  Nirav (Nino) Tailor, Team Canada Bowler for the Special Olympic Summer World Games in Athens in 2011 finally got to meet at a visit to CTV last week.  Their differences are literally huge (winter vs summer, tall vs not-so-tall) but their passion for sport is what brings them together in the brotherhood of Special Olympics.

Larry and Nino.  Don't worry Nino, Larry pics me up all the time!!  It's his thing.

Nino's brother, Krishna Tailor, works for Special Olympics Alberta (amazing!!) and I have had the pleasure of getting to know him since Larry was in the SO Canada Winter games last year.  Krishna took some great behind the scenes photos of our brothers and the CTV crew.  

Rob Williams, Nino, Stacey Brotzel, and Larry on CTV

A great interview!  Check it out on the "In The News" tab   

Krishna and I have the special privileged to be siblings of great SO athletes and are proud to be known as "Nino's brother" and "Larry's sister" respectively.  I hope he doesn't mind me quoting an email he sent me but it encompasses the great feeling of pride and excitement we have for our very special brothers. 

"Being a sibling of someone in Special Olympics is such a unique and wonderful place to be. We are there for them through all the training and cheering with huge tenacity with the wins. We’re there for them when they miss in the way a sibling would be – with a hug and a shot to the arm to “get ’em next time.” We support and protect them in different ways than parents would. There’s a camaraderie built there through years of friendship, bonding, being raised together and helping each other grow."

Well said.  

Nino and Krishna
Larry and Amanda