Monday, January 7, 2013

Larry on CTV's Alberta Primetime

Larry was featured with two other Special Olympic coaches/volunteers on a segment on Alberta Primetime about Special Olympics and the upcoming games in Korea later this month.  He did such a good job and looked so handsome and healthy!  The producers in the control room would whoop and holler and cheer every time Larry said something awesome, which was often.  One guy kept saying "I love this guy!  Pure gold!  YES!!!",  Jennifer Martin was so welcoming and made Larry feel at ease and somehow they managed to get our Green giant in the same camera shot as her!!!  

We had Rob Williams from CTV morning meet us there, sign his banner, and be my own personal behind-the-scenes escort.  He was amazing and wants to have Larry on the morning show soon.  


Larry and his buddy Rob Williams

Larry getting his make up.  He decided to opt out of the mascara

It was so great to see the magic behind the scenes and the crew lap up Larry

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