Wednesday, January 30, 2013

From Korea Part 3

Dear family,
I spent the day working out how to and not to get photos home to share with you.  Finally worked out,  photos from my tablet can be emailed, Tia Carmen's camera photos have to be posted on facebook.  
We took a bus to were they will have the Alpine skiing.  We found the family tent, and talk about spoiling us!  Hot coffee  tea, and of course Coke (big sponsor , cookies, crackers  candy, chairs, plug ins to recharge batteries.  All for free!  Cold drinks and warm hearts!
Had Korean BBQ, see photo, you cook your meat, then wrap it in lettuce with sauce and condiments.  Very good and we enjoy the new experience for real Korean food.
We went to see a ballet performance,  very beautiful.  They did traditional, modern and ultra modern dance.  I was impressed.  I could hear Don whisper in my ear, "Tights!  He is wearing tights and that junk has to be padded!".
Then there was a famous magician who entertained us.  He was amazing  said he practiced hand dexterity for 16 years and could do unreal hand tricks.  He did animal shapes (shadows with a light) that were mind boggling/  At the end he showed 2 monkeys eating, finding each other, falling in love and then kissing.  
Tomorrow is qualifying runs for Super G , I will send many photos home to all who love us.
Terry Green & Carmen Sieben
Go Team Canada Go!

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