Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Korean Kachman's

Dear family,

We saw Larry leaving for opening ceremonies with his ski team and got giant Larry hugs from him.  It is very organized here with plenty of buses and little wait time, they are moving lots of people.

We got floor level, side view seats.  Everyone received a red, green or blue scarf, a program and a yellow fleece blanket.

Canada sent 142 athlete and coaches, many parents and friends also.  The bleachers were awesome, filled with team Canada members.  We had a Korean po dance star perform, then he sang and danced with a traditional classical singer (female).  Great mixture of old and new.  The modern singer/dancers brought out some S.O. people and danced the famous Korean Gangnam Style dance.  

The procession of countries, alphabetically,  Canada was splendid in red and black, all athletes waving and cheering like crazy.  Larry looked so proud to be there.  Tia was almost in tear, like me.  We rang or bells, and I tooted my horn and waved until our hands fell off for each and every country. Because that is what Specail Olympic is about.  Together We Can!

Then speeches, they were ok, the prisedent of Korea welcomed us. 

They intertainment was symbolic of, if we didn't embrace our Specail O people our world wouldn't be a place worth living in.  This was done with dancers, skaters, butterflies flying and death of the world and its rebirth in acceptance and love for ALL people in our world!

TerryGreen Kachman and Carmen Siben Kachman
From Korea 2013

Click HERE to see more of mom's pictures fro the Opening Ceremonies

Click here to see the opening ceremonies on UStream

OMG!!  I love this SOOO much for SOOO many reasons!!  SWEET!

Larry, mom and a bunch of Team Canada.  AWESOME!!
Some love for Tia Carmen too!

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