Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Alpine Skiing Details

See the exact details of Larry's event, the hill, and the schedule here.  Send all your strength, speed, focus, prayers, karma, and love to that mountain!!

Larry skis from 6pm-9:30pm daily until the 5th and results are between  9:30pm-1:00am (local Edmonton time).  Thursday, Saturday, and Monday are the divisioning trials (breaking them up into groups) and then Friday, Sunday and Tuesday are the medal runs for the three events.  So that is when he needs to you reach out your heart and send him your love from Canada across the world!!

(okay, crying ... and delirious from all this online updating and excitement ... time for bed!)

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  1. This is awesome. Can't wait to start seeing some results!! Go Larry!!! Hoflin's are watching!!