Friday, January 25, 2013

Larry and Nino at CTV

Larry Green, Team Canada Alpine Skier for the Special Olympic Winter Games in Korea and  Nirav (Nino) Tailor, Team Canada Bowler for the Special Olympic Summer World Games in Athens in 2011 finally got to meet at a visit to CTV last week.  Their differences are literally huge (winter vs summer, tall vs not-so-tall) but their passion for sport is what brings them together in the brotherhood of Special Olympics.

Larry and Nino.  Don't worry Nino, Larry pics me up all the time!!  It's his thing.

Nino's brother, Krishna Tailor, works for Special Olympics Alberta (amazing!!) and I have had the pleasure of getting to know him since Larry was in the SO Canada Winter games last year.  Krishna took some great behind the scenes photos of our brothers and the CTV crew.  

Rob Williams, Nino, Stacey Brotzel, and Larry on CTV

A great interview!  Check it out on the "In The News" tab   

Krishna and I have the special privileged to be siblings of great SO athletes and are proud to be known as "Nino's brother" and "Larry's sister" respectively.  I hope he doesn't mind me quoting an email he sent me but it encompasses the great feeling of pride and excitement we have for our very special brothers. 

"Being a sibling of someone in Special Olympics is such a unique and wonderful place to be. We are there for them through all the training and cheering with huge tenacity with the wins. We’re there for them when they miss in the way a sibling would be – with a hug and a shot to the arm to “get ’em next time.” We support and protect them in different ways than parents would. There’s a camaraderie built there through years of friendship, bonding, being raised together and helping each other grow."

Well said.  

Nino and Krishna
Larry and Amanda

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