Friday, July 26, 2013

The Gathering of the Clan

We had a wonderful time at the Campbell Family Reunion this year.  Here are a few pictures we had to share.  I'm so proud of Ailee doing her Irish jig with her dad.  See my other post for more about Larry too.
See Ailee do her jig here

Larry speaks to his Campbell Clan

We were so lucky to be able to attend the 2013 Campbell Family Reunion in Regina.  A huge thank you to everyone that helped organise and make it such a good event.  Larry was honoured by the Clan with an amazing introduction,  "Scotland The Brave" blazing on the bagpipes as he entered and the chance to share his story with everyone.   He was as well sooken as ever and wore his medals with pride.   Funny enough he has a cousin who is even taller than he is!  Larry is just not used to that!  It was an amazing weekend and I cherished being abke to catch up with my family.  It made me so proud to be a Campbell. 
(See the previous post for more pictures)

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Larry's Journey

We are heading out to the Campbell Family Reunion and Larry was asked to give a little talk about his journey to Korea.  I made a little presentation to show everyone just what an epic and amazing journey it has been.  Click HERE to see the presentation.

None of this would have been possible without the love and support of so many amazing and generous people.  Thank you for making Larry's dream come true.

The Green Campbell's at the last reunion.
Oh, and because it's awesome and I am showing it at the reunion here is Larry's pre-Korea PUMP UP video!!  THUNDERSTRUCK!!

Monday, June 17, 2013

SO Art

Larry gave a great speech and showed off his "bling" in support of a new memorial in St.Albert in honour of the 2012 Special Olympics Canada Winter Games.

Friday, May 31, 2013

Art Legacy

Larry will be giving a speech for the unveiling of a piece of art made in dedication of the 2012 Special Olympics Canada Winter Games. 

Please join us!

City of St. Albert Art Legacy
2012 Special Olympics Canada Winter Games

Friday, June 14, 2013
1:30 to 2:30pm
Kingswood Park, St. Albert, Alberta

See the map

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Too Big Too Fast Too Soon

Support PDD (People with Developmental Disabilities) as they fight to keep their funding! Larry lives independently but humbly and the government has proposed drastic cuts to his funding. Help him and other's like him live a normal life and have the support they vitally need.

Sign the petition

"The PC government’s 2013 budget cut $42 million dollars in funding from
community access programs for persons with developmental disabilities.

This government is being shamelessly dishonest when it tells families of
disabled Albertans that outcomes for their loved ones can be improved by
cutting $42 million dollars in supports. These cuts mean that not only will many Albertans with disabilities lose support to attend community programs, but many will lose essential services."

Join the rally today at noon at the Alberta Legislature

See more via the Lo-Se-Ca Foundation's site

Make this your Facebook photo and show your support!

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Skiing with a Legend!

On March 25th our Special Olympian turned 35 and we celebrated by going on the Magic Bus to Marmot for the day.  I had such an awesome time with my brother and he was a bit of a rock star on our trip.  No surprise   On the bus they announced his achievements in Korea and that it was his birthday and the people cheered for him.  It also came up a lot (somehow??!!) that Larry won two bronze medals for SO Canada in Korea whenever we were on the chair lift with new people or relaxing in the lodge.  He sure oozes charisma!

As I we hit the first run and I followed my brother down the mountain I swear I heard my dad shout "Dontcha know you're skiing with a LEGEND!!"  


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Round II on Alberta Primetime

Larry rocked another interview with Alberta Primetime this week!!  He was eloquent and funny and as inspirational as ever.  Watch the video and enjoy!

Larry loves the Oilers

Larry has had so many dreams come true these past few months!  I guess he was interviewed behind the scenes during the first intermission at the Edmonton Oilers game tonight and it played up on the jumbotron with thunderous applause.   Thank you Trevor Bamsey for the pics and Special Olympics for all you do.  LARRY IS A ROCKSTAR! !!

Monday, February 11, 2013

CTV Morning Live

Larry was on CTV Morning Live again with our favorite host, Robby Williams!  I got to join Larry and his team-mate, Ambyr, and talk about the amazing experience in Korea and cheering Larry on from home.  It was so much fun and Larry was hilarious!  It was awesome!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Media Frenzy

Larry has gained quite a bit of notoriety lately that I can keep up!!   I will add the rest as they are posted this week.

Larry quoted on the SO Canada website
“It’s been my childhood dream to be a member of Team Canada, and now that I’m living that dream – I’m going to say the d-word – I’m damn proud to be a member of Team Canada,” said alpine skier Larry Green of Alberta.

The St.Albert Leader - Green Happy to be Home

The St.Albert Gazette - Special Olympian shines on world stage


A rowdy crowd of fans, family, friends, and media were at the Edmonton International Airport to welcome home Special Olympic Team Canada Edmonton athletes from their adventures at the SO World Winter Games in Korea.  We cheered, cried, laughed, and made a lot of noise.  Larry EXPLODED with excitement when he came through those doors!!  EPIC!!

He is such a media pro and there was a frenzy of people wanting to interview Larry and Ambyr!  Larry won two bronze and Ambyr won a silver medal and we are all so proud of their amazing accomplishments.  Larry had to many people to thank and great things to say.  I'm sure all the TV and news paper crews were loving it!!  Keep your eyes out for CTV, City TV, Shaw, and both St.Albert news papers.  There were even some media students from NAIT and I am sure a few more that I have forgotten.  WOW!  I will post links if they are posted online.

We are so happy to have our big guy home and of all that he has achieved.  His story is so inspiring and his joy infectious.  We love you Larry!


PS.  Larry, Ambyr, and I will be on CTV morning Live around 8:45am on Friday!