Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Round II on Alberta Primetime

Larry rocked another interview with Alberta Primetime this week!!  He was eloquent and funny and as inspirational as ever.  Watch the video and enjoy!

Larry loves the Oilers

Larry has had so many dreams come true these past few months!  I guess he was interviewed behind the scenes during the first intermission at the Edmonton Oilers game tonight and it played up on the jumbotron with thunderous applause.   Thank you Trevor Bamsey for the pics and Special Olympics for all you do.  LARRY IS A ROCKSTAR! !!

Monday, February 11, 2013

CTV Morning Live

Larry was on CTV Morning Live again with our favorite host, Robby Williams!  I got to join Larry and his team-mate, Ambyr, and talk about the amazing experience in Korea and cheering Larry on from home.  It was so much fun and Larry was hilarious!  It was awesome!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Media Frenzy

Larry has gained quite a bit of notoriety lately that I can keep up!!   I will add the rest as they are posted this week.

Larry quoted on the SO Canada website
“It’s been my childhood dream to be a member of Team Canada, and now that I’m living that dream – I’m going to say the d-word – I’m damn proud to be a member of Team Canada,” said alpine skier Larry Green of Alberta.

The St.Albert Leader - Green Happy to be Home

The St.Albert Gazette - Special Olympian shines on world stage


A rowdy crowd of fans, family, friends, and media were at the Edmonton International Airport to welcome home Special Olympic Team Canada Edmonton athletes from their adventures at the SO World Winter Games in Korea.  We cheered, cried, laughed, and made a lot of noise.  Larry EXPLODED with excitement when he came through those doors!!  EPIC!!

He is such a media pro and there was a frenzy of people wanting to interview Larry and Ambyr!  Larry won two bronze and Ambyr won a silver medal and we are all so proud of their amazing accomplishments.  Larry had to many people to thank and great things to say.  I'm sure all the TV and news paper crews were loving it!!  Keep your eyes out for CTV, City TV, Shaw, and both St.Albert news papers.  There were even some media students from NAIT and I am sure a few more that I have forgotten.  WOW!  I will post links if they are posted online.

We are so happy to have our big guy home and of all that he has achieved.  His story is so inspiring and his joy infectious.  We love you Larry!


PS.  Larry, Ambyr, and I will be on CTV morning Live around 8:45am on Friday!

Ladies have Seoul

Dear family,    

Now that we are in Seoul and our accommodations are so nice, I can say that our Holiday Inn Suites on the ski resort were unbelievably horrid.  Our room's kitchen was greasy, the floors dusty and we had to ask to get our bathroom cleaned and even then they only did it once in nine days.  We had to pay for internet that kicked us off all the time, a tiny facecloth to dry our dishes, and the floors  were filthy.  This was our only sore spot.  

The Korean people are friendly, helpful and very nice.  The games were so splendid and emotional at the same time.  We meet beautiful Barb and Mary, and they fit Carm and I like a glove!    

Now for our hotel in Seoul.  Take a look at the view, isn't that something?!  Our bath room was a wonderful site to behold.  And the last photo is the controls to the loo,  pretty fancy.  We are treating ourselves to a spa, bought face masks, mine is LAVENDER.  

Tomorrow we are touring the Demilitarized Zone.  We were told not to miss it.  The temperature is to be 10 below, so we pulled out the long underwear.  

I will send more info and photos when we reach the Sky Hotel, Inchon Airport.  
love to you all


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Closing Ceremonies

The closing ceremonies were great despite the lengthly speeches.  When some people get a mic they think others want to hear them babble on for hours! There were performances of hand bells, guitar players, and the skaters who were all Secial Olympians were spectacular.  

I met the composer of the Winter Games theme song, but once I spotted him everyone else wanted to thank him also so I bearly got a photo.

There also was 3 Korean hip hop artist, almost like our boy/girl bands, who got the crowd rocking.  The volunteers, came on the stage and danced to the Gangnam style song.  It was wonerful.  

Oh I forgot as I was cheering Larry on during his first race Tim Schriber (son of Eunice Scriber co founder of S.O.)  asked if I got a good shot of Larry amd had a looke at my pictures.  I told him about the 3rd then 5th, then 3rd story, and how Secial O was helping Larry become the best he could.  He told me his mother also had something to do with it.  Very nice man.

So many memories.

Terry Green

Pics from last run

Dear family,
It was so late after the closing ceremonies and packing to try and sent the photos to my last email.
The first photo is his first run, which he wasn't doing well amd nercous because of the icy conditions.

The second photo is Larry'2nd run.  The Edmonton race offical said Larry's performance was vastly improved but not good enough to cancel 1 run.  So here is a picture of Larry smiling on the outside.  He said he could of done better then Tia Carmen asked him what the creed was.  He said "Let me win, and if I cannot win, let me brave at the attempt. "  He then smiled at her and was feeling better. [EPIC!]
I forgot to tell you on of the officals was from St. Albert and was so proud of Larry.  He hugged me for a long time.  I was very happy to see national pride.

Ambyr (the other Edmontonian on the Canadian alpine ski team) did much better even after two falls during her other heats.  She won silver!!  Good for her.

I will be home Friday.

Terry Green

Welcome Home Team Canada Edmonton

We would like to invite all Edmonton area fans, family, friends, and supporters of Special Olympics to meet our local Olympians, Larry Green and Ambyr Lindon, as they return home from their adventures in Korea.  We are so proud of both of them and all they have inspired inside all of us.

Please join us at 4pm on Wednesday  February 6th at the main domestic gates (by the booster juice) at the Edmonton International Airport.  Wear your red and white and Canada gear, bring your pompoms and noise makers and help us welcome them home in style!  CTV news will be there too!

Thank you all for your support.

Closing Ceremony

What an adventure these past few weeks have been!!!  I am so proud of Larry and all of the amazing atheletes on Team Canada for all of their hard work and dedication.  You are truly inspirational.

Click on the link to see the closing ceremonies and other highlights of te games.

Ice Ice Baby

Today was Larry's final race, the slalom.  His first run was not so good.  The hill is very icy and so he fell yesterday and I think that spooked him.  His second run was much better and that placed him 6th overall.  He kept looking at me and would smile and say "I may be smiling, but I don't have to be happy   I could have done better."  This is reasonable and he didn't pout or carry on. I have never been so proud.  


Unfortunately Larry's last race was a cautious and less unsuccessful one in placing but shows just what good sportsmanship he has and grace under fire.  I am so proud of you Larry and all that you have accomplished!  You probably have no idea how many lives you have touched and quite possibly changed.  Your story and demeanor is infectious and you have hundreds of fans following your success!  We are all so very proud of you.



Monday, February 4, 2013

The sweet life

I didn't go skiing because of the gusty winds, so we indulged at the spa.  OMG,  what a treat; sauna, hot tub, steam bath, & massage.  What more could a girl need?  
Tomorrow is Larry's last race.  I heard that the course is solid ice, slow times, no one wants to fall.
Terry and Carmen

Sunday, February 3, 2013

More pics from Korea

These pics go with mom's last post.  A great day in Korea!!

He did it again!

Dear family,  

If you look at the photos, in one our gentle giant is one the 5th place platform.  Here is the story

First they put him on the 3rd place platform, he bent over looked at the number and stood up with a big smile.
Then they trade him with the 5th place guy, I gave him a cheer, trying to keep him up beat because he knew he was moved.  God bless our Larry, he cheered back and gave a big smile.

Then they traded places again with 5th back to the 3rd place platform.  He turned to the guy on 5th shook his hand and said"Good job, buddy".  He congratulated the 1st place.  Thanked his dad.  Aunty Carmen and I were almost in tears with pride.              

As we were walking to skype with Amanda (sorry honey it was about 12:30 your time so we didn't) he kept saying:  "I medalled again in worlds! This is unbelievable! ".  He was so grateful to everyone.  Corey, he said you would be so proud of him, without you he couldn't have done it.

Tia Carmen and I are basking in Larry's fame.  I was kneeling beside a U.S coach during this 3rd place, no 5th, no back to 3rd place fiasco and the coach couldn't believe Larry's grace under fire.  We have been complemented about Larry's speech from yesterday by all we met.  

I would like to thank the "village" that helped Don and I raise two, kind, compassionate and wonderful children   Did I mention the wonderful daughter who is going to correct all of this and make it readable? [Done mama!  The teacher in me can't help it!].  

We went to a dinner for the family and friends of the athletes and were treated to unbelievable food,  sushi to spaghetti,  A odd combination.

Tomorrow is the last round of divisioning and we are going to take care of some house keeping items, like booking a tour, get out closing ceremony tickets, etc.  Then I am going to Yongpyong resort, taking the gondola to the top and skiing down.  Carmen doesn't want to come, I don't know why not?

Bye for now.

Terry Green

See here for results for Larry's last run, Intermediate Slalom, here on the 5th (it will still be the night of the 4th for us.)  http://teamcanada2013.ca/results/alpine-skiing/ 

Larry Crossing the finish line for his bronze medal run!  YES!!  
I love the speed he is coming in at and the look of pure joy on his face!  GO LARRY!!

I love how Larry on the lower third place platform is still taller than the first place Olympian.  HAHA!!