Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Ladies have Seoul

Dear family,    

Now that we are in Seoul and our accommodations are so nice, I can say that our Holiday Inn Suites on the ski resort were unbelievably horrid.  Our room's kitchen was greasy, the floors dusty and we had to ask to get our bathroom cleaned and even then they only did it once in nine days.  We had to pay for internet that kicked us off all the time, a tiny facecloth to dry our dishes, and the floors  were filthy.  This was our only sore spot.  

The Korean people are friendly, helpful and very nice.  The games were so splendid and emotional at the same time.  We meet beautiful Barb and Mary, and they fit Carm and I like a glove!    

Now for our hotel in Seoul.  Take a look at the view, isn't that something?!  Our bath room was a wonderful site to behold.  And the last photo is the controls to the loo,  pretty fancy.  We are treating ourselves to a spa, bought face masks, mine is LAVENDER.  

Tomorrow we are touring the Demilitarized Zone.  We were told not to miss it.  The temperature is to be 10 below, so we pulled out the long underwear.  

I will send more info and photos when we reach the Sky Hotel, Inchon Airport.  
love to you all


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