Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Closing Ceremonies

The closing ceremonies were great despite the lengthly speeches.  When some people get a mic they think others want to hear them babble on for hours! There were performances of hand bells, guitar players, and the skaters who were all Secial Olympians were spectacular.  

I met the composer of the Winter Games theme song, but once I spotted him everyone else wanted to thank him also so I bearly got a photo.

There also was 3 Korean hip hop artist, almost like our boy/girl bands, who got the crowd rocking.  The volunteers, came on the stage and danced to the Gangnam style song.  It was wonerful.  

Oh I forgot as I was cheering Larry on during his first race Tim Schriber (son of Eunice Scriber co founder of S.O.)  asked if I got a good shot of Larry amd had a looke at my pictures.  I told him about the 3rd then 5th, then 3rd story, and how Secial O was helping Larry become the best he could.  He told me his mother also had something to do with it.  Very nice man.

So many memories.

Terry Green

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  1. Thanks to you and Tia Carmen for keeping us updated
    by corresponding with that amasing Amanada

    Love Uncle Orest and Aunt Gloria