Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Ice Ice Baby

Today was Larry's final race, the slalom.  His first run was not so good.  The hill is very icy and so he fell yesterday and I think that spooked him.  His second run was much better and that placed him 6th overall.  He kept looking at me and would smile and say "I may be smiling, but I don't have to be happy   I could have done better."  This is reasonable and he didn't pout or carry on. I have never been so proud.  


Unfortunately Larry's last race was a cautious and less unsuccessful one in placing but shows just what good sportsmanship he has and grace under fire.  I am so proud of you Larry and all that you have accomplished!  You probably have no idea how many lives you have touched and quite possibly changed.  Your story and demeanor is infectious and you have hundreds of fans following your success!  We are all so very proud of you.




  1. Larry we are so very proud of you. You are a very special person. Your attitude and kindness speaks volumes about you. We are extremely happy and proud of your accomplishments, and hope that you had a great time. I can't explain the excitement and joy you brought to our home this past week. Totaly awesome. I know I haven't bragged this much about anyone in a long time. Thank you Larry we
    will remember this forever. Uncle Orest and Auntie Gloria

  2. I love this Auntie Gloria amd am so glad to be abke to share all of it with you. Ill make sure to read this to Larry.