Saturday, February 2, 2013

Dream of a Lifetime!

Dear family,
Larry's first race in the World S.O. Winter games, looked great, even got tucked down nicely. The team did well but a few were upset. Phil Mullen took a dive at the end of his run and was bruised up.  His brother thinks there will be a miraculous recovery coming up so I don't have any idea if he will race tomorrow. Ambyr fell during her run to and she was very sad.  Tomorrow will be no divisioning just right to racing Giant Slalom.  

Larry said he would shave if he medalled.   Well he did, a glorious bronze.  They placed the medal around his neck  he said "thank you".  Then he said.  "I want to say something, On behalf of all the athletes, I want to thank you for all your support."
And the crowd cheered.  YES!!
The people from TSN who did the documentary at Nationals are here and remember us very well.  They asked if Amanda was with us.  They all say hi. 

Tomorrow night is the family reception put on by the world committee for all the fans.  We have met a couple if ladies who are the American twins of Carmen and and me, and we are sharing many laughs and stories.
Will update tomorrow.
Larry didn't get his medal until after midnight your time Amanda, so I will try to get him right after the race to Skype with you.
Love and miss you all.
Go Team Canada Go!


I am beyond words ... but I've never failed to squeak some out.  I am so very proud of Larry.  Just making Team Canada was his DREAM and now he has medalled with still two more races to go.  BRONZE FOR GREEN!!    He is so grateful and humble and an amazing athlete   He is my hero and my inspiration.  HE DID IT!!!



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