Sunday, February 3, 2013

He did it again!

Dear family,  

If you look at the photos, in one our gentle giant is one the 5th place platform.  Here is the story

First they put him on the 3rd place platform, he bent over looked at the number and stood up with a big smile.
Then they trade him with the 5th place guy, I gave him a cheer, trying to keep him up beat because he knew he was moved.  God bless our Larry, he cheered back and gave a big smile.

Then they traded places again with 5th back to the 3rd place platform.  He turned to the guy on 5th shook his hand and said"Good job, buddy".  He congratulated the 1st place.  Thanked his dad.  Aunty Carmen and I were almost in tears with pride.              

As we were walking to skype with Amanda (sorry honey it was about 12:30 your time so we didn't) he kept saying:  "I medalled again in worlds! This is unbelievable! ".  He was so grateful to everyone.  Corey, he said you would be so proud of him, without you he couldn't have done it.

Tia Carmen and I are basking in Larry's fame.  I was kneeling beside a U.S coach during this 3rd place, no 5th, no back to 3rd place fiasco and the coach couldn't believe Larry's grace under fire.  We have been complemented about Larry's speech from yesterday by all we met.  

I would like to thank the "village" that helped Don and I raise two, kind, compassionate and wonderful children   Did I mention the wonderful daughter who is going to correct all of this and make it readable? [Done mama!  The teacher in me can't help it!].  

We went to a dinner for the family and friends of the athletes and were treated to unbelievable food,  sushi to spaghetti,  A odd combination.

Tomorrow is the last round of divisioning and we are going to take care of some house keeping items, like booking a tour, get out closing ceremony tickets, etc.  Then I am going to Yongpyong resort, taking the gondola to the top and skiing down.  Carmen doesn't want to come, I don't know why not?

Bye for now.

Terry Green

See here for results for Larry's last run, Intermediate Slalom, here on the 5th (it will still be the night of the 4th for us.) 

Larry Crossing the finish line for his bronze medal run!  YES!!  
I love the speed he is coming in at and the look of pure joy on his face!  GO LARRY!!

I love how Larry on the lower third place platform is still taller than the first place Olympian.  HAHA!!

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