Thursday, October 18, 2012


A warm thank you to our Auntie Carmen and Uncle Darrell from Sieben Cement Contractors who are helping Larry get new clothes for his trip, which is a major self-esteem and confidence building thing!  They are also  helping with Larry and mom's other expenses!  WOW!!

Sieben Cement will be donating some "swag" for our online auction and maybe even some artwork created by my talented Auntie.  Not to mention my Auntie Carmen is going all the way to Korea to support Larry and my mom! 

Your generosity is endless and deeply appreciated.  We are so lucky to have such a loving and caring family.  I see where Larry gets it from!

Make sure to call Sieben Cement Contractors for a quote for your next project!

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  1. Larry, Don, Terry and you Amanda have always helped each other with every single event that has occured. Whether it was for Larry or others in the family. Now that is is Larry and your loving Mom who need the support Amanda, you have stepped up to the plate to make it happen! I'm so proud of you! Due to your efforts and the many other wonderful people & companies involved I'm sure my nephew and sister will be able to not only attend this event but now will be able to enjoy it without financial worries!!! From the bottom of my heart I thank you all for making it possible. Carmen Sieben